Shaving Grace Barbers - Reviving the Art of Authentic Barbering

We've Moved!

Our Exton location is now located at 345 E. Lincoln Highway, Exton, PA 19341.

Shaving Grace Barbers is conveniently located in Exton and Doylestown, PA. Shaving Grace is an exclusive gentleman’s barbering experience.

"The art of the true barbershop shave and a haircut is a feat worth witnessing, watching old Italian barbers hover lovingly over their charges, snipping sideburns and straight-razoring neck lines while pumping the booster seats on their nickel-plated Koch barber chairs. To say nothing of a good hot towel treatment. But that’s the old world, right?"

"Not for the Sgarra family, an Italian-Irish East Falls clan who are making the old world new again with their Shaving Grace barbershops."
~ City Paper ~

Visit Shaving Grace Barbers at 345 E. Lincoln Highway in Exton or at 41 East State Street in Doylestown (267-620-2005). To reach us call 1-866-4-A-SHAVE.


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